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Have you ever experienced the unfortunate event of losing a beloved ring, precious jewelry, or any other significant item down the sink drain? If so, you understand the distressing nature of such an incident. Perhaps this is the reason you stumbled upon this blog today. You are seeking guidance on how to retrieve your lost item. Fortunately, you are in luck! We know the seriousness of the situation and are here to assist you. This blog will provide you with the necessary steps to navigate the retrieval process and overcome your present sink-drain predicament. Whether you currently find yourself in this plumbing conundrum or wish to keep this knowledge in mind for future reference, continue reading for the following guidance from your trusted experts at Kettering Plumbing & Drain.   

STEP 1: 

First and foremost, if an object accidentally falls into your sink drain, promptly turn off the sink faucet and refrain from using it until the issue is resolved and the item is retrieved. It is crucial to prevent the risk of pushing the object further down the drain and into the mainline. Generally, smaller items like rings get stuck and trapped in the P-trap, where they will remain unless retrieved.    

STEP 2:  

It is highly probable that, at this point, you have already removed the drain stopper (if your sink has one) to inspect the drain. If you haven’t done so yet, kindly remove it gently to expedite access to the drain. In the event that the drain stopper cannot be easily removed, you will need to locate the pivot rod arm beneath the sink and proceed to unscrew it. This arm is connected to the sink’s drainpipe. You may need to use a wrench or pliers to securely grip and twist off the pivot rod arm. Depending on your circumstances, a flashlight can be useful to assist you. Alternatively, you can use your phone in selfie mode to obtain a better angle of the pipe. Once you have successfully loosened that section, return to the sink’s drain stopper and check if it can be removed now. If so, please proceed to step three. 

STEP 3:  

Ever heard of a Grabber Claw? This nifty tool can make the whole experience a little less overwhelming. It’s a four-pronged gadget designed to fit into narrow spaces like a sink drain so you can easily grab and remove blockages. In our case, it might just help us retrieve your lost item. You can swing by any home improvement store and grab one at your convenience. With a little patience and the help of a grabber claw, you might just rescue your ring or lost item from the sink drain and have it back in your hands! 



Another option you can try using is a telescoping magnetic wand. These wands are handy because they’re magnetic and extendable, making them useful in situations like this. Just remember that they won’t work with silver or gold rings or jewelry, as those materials aren’t magnetic. 



It’s time to explore a creative solution. If you have a shop vac at your disposal, this next method might be more suitable for you. Take your shop vac and cover the end of the nozzle with a nylon stocking. Securely grip the nozzle, then align it flush with the sink drain and activate the shop vac. Hopefully, your ring (or any other item) will be drawn in and caught by the nylon net, allowing for easy retrieval.    



Lastly, we have the P-trap method. This method involves addressing the source directly. The P-trap refers to the curved section in your drainpipe under your sink that resembles the letter P. Its purpose is to retain water, preventing toxic and unpleasant-smelling sewer gases, such as methane, from entering your home. Additionally, the P-trap also serves to capture stray objects, similar to the situation we currently find ourselves in.  

Positioned beneath the sink, the P-trap is typically constructed from metal or PVC. Prior to commencing this process, we recommend placing a bucket or receptacle directly beneath the P-trap to capture any water, debris, and hopefully the misplaced item. Carefully loosen the two nuts situated above and below the trap to remove it. Once both nuts are loosened, the P-trap can be detached, allowing you to empty its contents into the bucket below. At this juncture, you should now have your ring or item back in your possession once more. Congratulations! 

After completing the task, ensure that everything is securely returned to its original position. This includes reattaching the drain stopper, pivot rod arm, and the P-trap. Remember, in the realm of ring retrieval, precision and patience are invaluable allies. We hope that this blog has assisted you in transforming a potentially calamitous situation into a successful rescue mission. If not, please know that we are always available to assist you with any plumbing needs you may have. 

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