When Is the Best Time to Get Your Water Heater Flushed?

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When was the last time you had your water heater flushed? Remember, regular maintenance of your water heater is vital for your plumbing system’s upkeep. Your water heater quietly works behind the scenes to provide you with a continuous flow of hot water for your daily needs – all at your convenience. But when should you do this, and how frequently? These are important questions! So, join us as we discuss the importance of flushing your water heater and the best time to perform this maintenance task. As your local Kettering Plumbing & Drain experts, our goal is always to equip you with the necessary knowledge to keep your home and plumbing system in excellent condition.  

Why Is It Important for a Water Heater to Be Flushed? 

Before we dive into when to flush it, let’s first understand why it’s necessary. Over time, sediment and minerals naturally build up in your water heater tank. This accumulation forms along the side and bottom of the interior tank. When this happens, the sediment barrier that was formed reduces the efficiency of the water heater. If left unchecked and allowed to continue, it will affect the hot water in your home and could even cause damage to your water heater. As a result, regular flushing helps remove these mineral deposits, allowing your water heater to operate efficiently as it is supposed to. 

When Should a Water Heater Be Flushed? 

Now that we know why it’s necessary let’s tackle the next question: when should it happen? Experts advise flushing your water heater twice a year – once in spring and once in fall. However, you can adjust the frequency based on its performance and your needs. It’s highly recommended to have this service done at least annually when hot water demand is lower, ideally in spring or fall, as these are the seasons that require the least amount of hot water usage. If you feel your water heater is likely overdue or in need of flushing, now’s a good time to schedule this maintenance service. 

What Signs Indicate a Water Heater Needs to Be Flushed? 

You should also be on alert for signs that suggest it may need flushing in between your service appointments.  Stay vigilant and watch out for strange sounds, less hot water output, or even discolored water from the faucets. All of these are signs that could mean there’s sediment buildup in the tank. If you notice these signs, take this as a sign to contact a licensed plumber as soon as you can. 

You can take charge of the maintenance of your home and plumbing system by understanding its needs and prioritizing regular upkeep. By doing so, you’ll set your system and water heater up for success, enabling it to function at its highest capacity. Make it a yearly routine for longevity and optimal performance. Interested in learning some more tips about your home and plumbing system? Check out the rest of our blogs! 

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